Friday, August 19, 2011


hi again all my little one is now 1 he has got 6 teeth and anther 1 on the way bless him he is nearly walkin all by himself he has been chrisend now he has had his 1st hair cut aswell and he hardaly moved he cryed a bit but tha was it bless him he was really good donno wa else to put lol just thought id put sumthin on here lol

Monday, May 23, 2011

hi again

hi iv not been on here for a long time now lol so i think ill update u a bit lol well ill start by saying that i have had a baby boy he was born on juli 20 at 319 in the evening he weighed 8lb 11 and it took 12 hours lol he is the best thing that ever happend to me he is my pride and joy i wont change him 4 the world his dad is a ass he was emotionally abussive and i was with himfor bout 5 years and i had to think of my baby so i had to get out i hopei have done the right thing, i think i have and i did try for him to see his son via a contact center but i had a letter from his soliciter saying he basicly dont wanna bother with his son. hes got me and thats all that matters and all my m8ts aswell he was a very porly baby he had to holes in his heart and he had to have a op at only 9 weeks old it was the worst time ever he is now 10 months old and very healthy now he is crawling and trying to walk he has got 2 bottom teeth and got 4 top teeth all coming at once bless him xx